Project Description

Pro-RF Fluo 18

The phantom for evaluation of imaging performance of fluoroscopic systems. It allows brightness and contrast adjustments, circulargeometry check (scanning linearity) plus wide-range low-contrast and high-contrast resolution evaluation. Available in two standardlayouts plus any custom configuration.

Technical data (can be modified to customer specifications):

  • diameter: 180 mm
  • thickness: 10 mm
  • two standard layouts available (others upon request)
  • 3 circular rims on the outside of the phantom (Ø: 150, 160 and 170 mm) for a geometry and collimation check
  • 18 low contrast objects, 8 mm in diameter, producing contrast values from 0.9 to 16.7%
  • pattern for line pair resolution evaluation (from 0.6 to 5.0 LP/mm)
  • Pb and Cu squares with circular bright and dark objects for contrast and brightness adjustment
  • 1.0 and 0.5 mm high purity Cu attenuation filters (fit to the diaphragm housing)
  • compact carrying case

Product features:

  • complies with:
    – IEC 61223-3-1– IPEM Report 91 (2005): Recommended Standards for the Routine Performance Testing of Diagnostic X-Ray Imaging Systems published by the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine
  • CE certified
  • the manual provides detailed guidelines for carrying out each test, results assessment and registration