Proper software can improve testing and save time in connectivity, documentation and registration.

There are multiple types of software for Fluke Biomedical’s products:

  • OneQA™ is Fluke Biomedical’s new Work Flow Automation Software. It enhances you workflow and supports test automation for Fluke Biomedical test equipment and RaySafe QA dosimeters. OneQA can also be integrated with Medusa version 7.0. Learn More

  • Ansur is Fluke Biomedical’s own software. The program is complete – it can handle everything when it is properly configured

  • BTV is a software developed by Tesika, our partner in Sweden. Based on the electrical safety test, it is easy to operate, of high quality and very user friendly.

  • IDA HydroGraph is used for IDA-1S og IDA-5, which is Fluke Biomedical’s infusion pump analyzers.

  • VT for Windows is designed especially for the VT Plus HF. This program offers an excellent overview of a desk setup for Fluke Biomedical’s Gas Flow Analyzer.

Nordic Service Group is authorised distributor of international leading medical equipment test instruments. Feel free to browse our porfolio of Fluke Biomedical and RaySafe products.

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