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IDA-5 Infusion Device Analyzer

The best-in-class infusion pump analyzer: Based on sophisticated measurement technology trusted by biomedical professionals around the world, the IDA-5 is a multi-channel infusion device analyzer can test up to 4 infusion pumps at once. The IDA-5 has built-in automation allowing users to create custom test templates for quick, standardized testing of IV pump devices – with minimal user intervention. It is built for medical professionals that require intuitive, quick and accurate testing. 

Quick, accurate infusion pump testing

Unlike other infusion pump analyzers, the IDA-5 has built-in automation.  It Allows users to create custom test templates for quick, standardized testing of intravenous pump devices with minimal user intervention. This automation bundle includes Ansur software for comprehensive testing. Ensure your infusion pumps are tested and analyzed accurately and quickly, safe resources and ensure higher patient safety. The IDA-5 infusion pump analyzer is the best choice for medical professionals.

IDA-5 Key Features

  • Compatible with any type of infusion device
  • Tests up to four infusion pumps at the same time
  • Customizable test templates for quick and standardized infusion device testing
  • Real-time snapshots of flow and pressure for immediate issue recognition
  • Convenient and easy data entry with plug-n-play, USB compatible, keyboard or barcode scanner
  • Instantaneous and average flow measurement of up to 1500 ml/hr
  • Single-flow, dual-flow (piggyback) and PCA testing
  • Auto-start mode enables unit to begin testing only when fluid is detected to maximize accuracy
  • Compatible with a wide variety of off-the-shelf printers
  • Built-in memory to save test results for printing or downloading to computer

It’s proven itself

  • Fluke Biomedical infusion device analyzer devices have been trusted by biomedical professionals for over 20 years and are used by more customers worldwide than any other brand. Nordic Service Group is the authorised distributor for Fluke Biomedical products in Denmark, Norway and Finland.  Our technicians are professionally trained experts in Fluke Biomedical devices.
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IDA-5 Datasheet

Product Data Sheet IDA-5 Infusion Device Analyzer
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