Fluke Biomedical, Industrial and RaySafe

The goal of Nordic Service Group is to deliver solutions that best provide simplified testing processes and high work quality. We do this in Norway, Finland and Denmark. Besides equipment sales, we offer calibration and maintenance services for the products that we represent.

Fluke and RaySafe are internationally leading manufacturers of testing and measuring equipment for all of the major product groups in the medical industry.

Our customers include medical engineers, quality control engineers and product safety staff. Fluke and RaySafe are constantly expanding their range of products which provides the best platforms for the individual user.


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RaySafe Nordic Service Group is authorized distributor for RaySafe products in Denmark and Norway. [...]

Fluke Biomedical

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Fluke Biomedical Fluke Biomedical is the internationally leading manufacturer of testing and measuring equipment [...]

Fluke Industrial

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Fluke Industrial Nordic Service Group is authorized distributor for Fluke industrial products in Denmark, [...]


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Training Courses Nordic Service group offers courses for the various product types. As an [...]

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Fluke software

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Proper software can improve testing and save time in connectivity, documentation and registration. There [...]

Equipment calibration

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Test Equipment Calibration Test equipment requires annual calibration to improve the reliability of measurements. [...]