Test Equipment Calibration

Test equipment requires annual calibration to improve the reliability of measurements. We calibrate test equipment in authorized Fluke calibration laboratories which are located in Holland and England. Besides the calibration, the equipment is updated with the latest software and firmware version. Only certified service providers can do these updates.

Test Equipment Repair

In case of malfunction, we always provide estimated costs based on the fault. Usually repair is the most cost-efficient way to maintain the equipment if product support is still available. During the repair, calibration is always performed.

Delivering Test Equipment for Service

You can deliver your equipment to our local Nordic Service Group office:


Following the manufacturer’s instructions considering calibration period, your measurement will provide reliable results.

We calibrate, for example, the following test equipment:

  • Patient simulators
  • Infusion pump analyzers
  • Defibrillator analyzers
  • Gas flow analyzers
  • Electrical safety analyzers
  • Neonatal equipment
  • Electrosurgery analyzers
  • Digital pressure meters

Can’t find your equipment on the list? Please contact your local Nordic Service Group office for more information.

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